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Orthopedic Recovery Services

Injury and ailments are inevitable with an active lifestyle; at York Orthopedic Recovery we are trained healthcare professionals to evaluate where your body is at while working with you to provide the best plan to encourage healing that meets your goals.

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A caring, experienced and dedicated professional to help you.

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We care about you and your treatment and recovery success.

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We are highest levels of honesty and professionalism at all times.

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Our philosophy is to provide quality orthopedic recovery care to every client that walks through our doors. We will acknowledge your concerns and teach you how to obtain a healthier and more recovered lifestyle. Each person will be treated with utmost respect and understanding so we can develop a relationship to help you become successful in your healing process. Be sure to visit us on Instagram too!

York Orthopedic Recovery Initial Appointment Neck Stretching

Initial Evaluation

Receive a 360 degree wellness evaluation including a thorough assessment of your physical health to help develop a personalized plan to reach your wellness goals.
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York Orthopedic Recovery Follow-up Appointment Graston Scraping on Calf

Follow-Up Appointment

Your current condition, treatment, and rehabilitation plan will be discussed, and any necessary adjustments will be made to meet your individual needs and help you continue to make progress.
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York Orthopedic Recovery Massage Gun Recovery Session

Thirty Minute Recovery Session

Combines the use of a Hypervolt massage gun and stretching to help reduce muscle soreness, improve flexibility, and promote healing, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for your next activity.
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York Orthopedic Recovery Male and Female in Normatec Compression Pants

NormaTec Recovery System

Pulsed massage that enhances blood flow and increases recovery time between workouts. Promotes healing and recovery, reduces swelling, and decreases muscle fatigue. This a great tool that will help increase your circulation to reduce restless legs.

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York Orthopedic Recovery Hands Massaging Back


A 60 minute massage service is a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. A 90 minute massage is a more in-depth and comprehensive version of a traditional 60 minute massage

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York Orthopedic Recovery Game Ready Cold Compression on Neck and Shoulder

Game Ready

Game ready is a cold therapy recovery system that assists in your recovery journey. It helps heal injuries and reduce soreness using the benefits of compression and cold air. We're only doing shoulder recovery right now, but we'll be expanding soon.

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York Orthopedic Recovery Client Testimonial Claudia Martinez
“Miracle hands are the best way I can describe Danielle. I was starting to think that my back would never go back to being pain free. Danielle changed everything! After the very first session I jumped off her table and was hinging down to touch my toes. I entrust all of my clients and gym members to her care.”

Claudia Martinez

York Orthopedic Recovery Client Testimonial Tim Brown
“Danielle really pin pointed out the causes and reason why I am triggered in certain areas in my body. I have had amazing results and am very pleased to have her being able to get me back to feeling strong and mobile again. I would highly recommend her skills and knowledge to anyone who is in need of her professionalism and great work at being a phenomenal athletic trainer!”

Tim Brown

York Orthopedic Recovery Client Testimonial Brennan Koeller
“Danielle has helped me more than I ever thought. I have put myself through so much wear and tear in my life and she's help resolve many of my issues. I trained for 3 months on a bad knee eventually leaving me unable to walk. After countless sessions and corrective exercises from her, Danielle had me not only at 100% but moving more efficiently than before.”

Brennan Koeller

York Orthopedic Recovery Client Testimonial Angela Watson
“Our 11 year old daughter, a competitive soccer player, suffered two separate dislocations to her right knee. After the second, we contacted Danielle, not only did she provide therapy for the injury, she created a plan to develop strength and confidence in my daughter to safely return to the field. We would highly recommend her to anyone that has sustained an injury no matter the age.”

Angela Watson

“York Orthopedic is easily a 5 out 5 in every aspect you would be able to measure. In terms of service, you're treated second to none. Scheduling/booking is quick and easy. With Danielle's knowledge and expertise, your physical assessment is accurate and more often than not she finds out problems you didn't even know you had. Meanwhile you leave with the movement and mobility of a 5-year-old drunk on M&Ms and Mountain Dew. Rejuvenating to say the least. There's no way she hasn't knocked weeks off of recovery time from lifting injuries. That reminds me, I need to book another session right now....”

Nick Shalita

York Orthopedic Recovery Client Testimonial Amanda Farley DDS
“I’ve been with York Orthopedic seeing both Danielle and Bri for the past year. I’m a dentist locally and believe me, I can get twisted up on a daily basis - the pain at my age, I was not ok with! Being a healthcare worker and a former athlete, I know the importance of body work and strength. These ladies have helped me rehab, strengthen and now help me maintain my posture! I can’t live without York Orthopedic!”

Amanda Farley, DDS

York Orthopedic Recovery Client Testimonial Diane Flores IFBB Pro
“Danielle has been a godsend for recovery and preventative body work. As a professional bodybuilder my physique is put thru the wringer with intense workouts. Getting in for nagging aches and pains as well as preventing new ones has shown to not only improve my body awareness but help mitigate injuries. I send all of my clients her way that have old injuries or postural imbalances that could affect their training and they are hooked.””

Diane Flores, IFBB Pro

“I went to York Orthopedic Recovery after experiencing shoulder pain. I explained to Danielle that the pain started after a Spartan Race. I was really worried that I messed something up badly. Danielle was amazing! She explained shoulder dynamics really well and in a way that I could understand. She had all the equipment available to start treating my shoulder. She also gave me a workout to start strengthening my shoulder. It’s amazing to see how well she knows the human body. I walked out of her office feeling relieved, with a good plan on recovery, and confident that we were targeting the right treatment. Highly recommend York Orthopedic Recovery.”

Rogelio Grijalva

York Orthopedic Recovery Client Testimonial Jessica Smart
“Bri has helped me with my shoulder, hip, and ankle. She asks questions, does a visual inspection and then gets down to business working on what ails me - whether it’s using the massage gun, scraping, stretching, or cupping. She employs the tool needed for the issue at hand. Bri is sure to explain what muscles are where and what they do (or should do!) and possible reasons for my pain. She always gives me homework to keep my recovery moving in the right direction and she puts up with my ridiculous ticklishness quite well. ”

Jessica Smart

“I have been seeing Bri for 7 months and it has been life changing! I have arthritis, stenosis, and bulging discs in my neck. My PHCP just wanted to give me harsh medications. Nothing was working. I was in so much pain 24/7 and I couldn’t even sleep well because of the constant pain. After my first visit with Bri, I already felt better. I even felt taller! Now, several months later, I still see Bri regularly for maintenance. I sleep great and I do not need medication!”

Kathryn Cederlind