Corporate Wellness Program

Our award winning corporate wellness program provides numerous benefits to an organization and its employees. By offering employees onsite or offsite access to expert care and guidance on maintaining good physical health, your organization can help to improve the overall well-being and productivity of your workforce.

We can provide personalized assessments and treatment plans for employees to help them recover from injuries, prevent future injuries, and maintain good overall health. This can lead to reduced absenteeism and presenteeism, as well as increased morale and job satisfaction among employees.

Additionally, our program can help to reduce healthcare costs for your organization and create a positive company culture that values the well-being of its employees. Overall, our award winning corporate wellness program has proven to be a valuable investment for any organization.

About Us

York Orthopedic Recovery founded by Danielle York, a Certified Athletic Trainer.  As demand grew, it expanded into a team of like minded health professionals. Everybody is different, and York Orthopedic Recovery is committed to help you feel better, perform better and move better.

We apply sports medicine techniques paired with in-depth evaluations of what each individual person is going through. Wehelp to not only provide them care but provide them with a better understanding of what their body is doing. 

Our Team

  • Danielle York, MEd, ATC, CEASIII, Founder and Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Carley Mangine, ATC , Certified Athletic Trainer
  • Bri Fritz, Recovery Specialist
  • Ang Ieng, Certified Massage Therapist

Pain or injury is inevitable, especially, when paired with being seated for several hours a day at their desks or in a vehicle. It can be challenging to incorporate any sort of wellness activity when faced with a hectic schedule, but it is possible. The lack of movement and a sedentary lifestyle have a negative impact on mood, work performance, and long-term health so it’s time to make a change. 

Today, employees are searching for some sort of work life balance to help them feel energized about the work they do. When their bodies hurt or ache itcan become difficult for them to stay focused day in and day out. We can help your agency reduce lost time, sick days and unpredictable days away fromwork with our holistic approach. 

Our worksite wellness program is specifically customized for all employees. Our program partners with each staff member to identify what is specifically going on in the body and how can we make it better. 


Supplemental Wellness Activities

Additional services that we can provide or subcontract out to help bring an enhanced wellness program to you:

  • Ergonomic work-station evaluations and recommendations
  • Chair Massage

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    In 2020 the program started with 8 hours a week, within 4 months we expanded the hours to 12 hours of coverage at the agency. Participation in the program continues to grow strong, we have now touched 162 employees servicing 898 appointments in the 2020-2022 fiscal year.

    “I have suffered from significant pain in both my knees for years. I was seen multiple times a week by a physical therapist for almost an entire year with no appreciable change in the status of my knees. About six months after ending my visits with the physical therapist I began seeing Danielle through the Wellness Program provided by the Sheriff’s Office. Within a month of once-a-week treatments Danielle was able to not only alleviate my pain, but she was able to make it go away entirely.

    Not only am I not suffering chronic knee pain anymore, but I have been able to build significant strength since and am now able to back squat over 400lbs, more than I’ve ever been able to do before.

    Danielle’s treatment is of great value to me and I am very thankful that the County and the Sheriff have made the program available.Sgt.

    “I’ve been a patrol deputy for 20 plus years. I never realized the damage I was causing my body by spending countless hours in the seat of patrol vehicles. Needless to say, my back was in rough shape. I’ve been having terrible sciatica pain and with the help of Carly and Danielle I haven’t missed a single day of work. I’m well on my way to having zero pain and I couldn’t be happier.

    I’m very grateful for the service the Sheriff provides for his staff. So far as I’m concerned, and with the Sheriff’s approval, I’d be very excited to see Danielle and crew stick around and continue to work out all the kinks that come along the way.Deputy

    “I met Danielle for the first time through a work sponsored program about a year ago, at the time I was recovering from surgery and the severe muscular atrophy that followed.

    I was on crutches, in constant pain, and had practically no mobility in my leg from the knee down. At the time my medical care was subpar and I felt as if there was no one on my side to help me or advise me and things felt pretty hopeless. I had already attended physical therapy and had not made any progress whatsoever. Danielle was not only interested in helping me but invested in my rehabilitation.

    Nothing comes easily and Danielle pushed me out of my comfort zone and away from the fear of reinjury and back to a healthy mindset where I knew I could trust my body and that my body could trust me. I began working with Danielle with full confidence in her and that together we were going to get me to a better place. Her belief in me and in her abilities transferred onto me, I started to believe in myself, that recovery was possible and that she was the person to get me there.

    Danielle encouraged me as a patient to advocate for better medical treatment. She is also familiar with local doctors and physical therapists and recommended suitable replacements. She has been with me throughout my journey which has included additional surgeries but each time recovery has gotten easier with her help.

    Danielle’s knowledge on rehabilitation and biomechanics is impressive. Danielle has been such a blessing, I am so fortunate to have met her and worked with her. I can confidently say that working with her was a major game changer, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her. Deputy

    Please contact Danielle York with questions and for further details.

    York Orthopedic Recovery 803 Coffee Rd. Suite 10, Modesto, CA 95355

    (209) 284-1909 

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